May 1, 2019

Underwater Photography for the People

True story telling has no gates of entry.  Expensive equipment be dammed!  My favorite images are often snapshots on my iPhone, which has become my new photographic journaling tool.  

The iPhone is always with me and thus.. captures my most real moments.  

The GoPro has always been too much for me to navigate though I have tried and tried to bring it along every trip we have gone on.  I always end up forgetting something.  A cable here, to charge it before I walk out of the hotel, this is my standard.  Once I forgot once to format my memory card only find out that the bottom of the ocean in Hawaii while sitting next to a turtle that I was out of space.  Damn Daniel! Missed opportunity.  Can you relate?

That’s what I thought.

This is the Wide Angle Lens. You can see how rad the shot is using it below! Perfect for diving!

 For these reasons and more this adventurous family of ours is falling for the AxisGo underwater smartphone case.

These days when I travel, I am carrying a camera bag, a diaper bag, and clothes for both me and the little girl. Josh is loaded down with surfboards and usually too many hatchets and knives. Bringing a bulky underwater housing is not even an option however so many of the trips we go on are water based.  

With Josh being a surfer and me being a total free dive all things ocean  junkie, we are constantly finding ourselves somewhere where we are getting submerged and I’ve been eager to continue telling stories from the other side of the water’s surface.  

Say hello to my new swim buddy!

You literally just snap your phone in and go.

The AxisGO iPhone case won me over because it makes underwater photography SO easy.  It fits into my luggage and holds dry the most convenient camera that I own and have mastered using…. (drumroll) the iPhone.

With a depth rating of 33 feet you can take this thing anywhere you want to and I can not WAIT to get it under the water this summer since we will be traveling to Bali and Baja in the next 2 months.  From family time in the pool to shooting underwater adventure, lifestyle and paddleboard yoga I haven’t been disappointed yet and I’m just getting started.

Yes yes yall.. it’s that easy.

These are my favorite things about the AxisGO

  • You already know how to take photographs on your phone.  Nothing new to learn here.
  • Insanely awesome functionality.  Great buttons! back panel has a very large screen opening and makes tap focus a breeze underwater. Whaaaaaat!
  • The trigger… Get it! Great to hold as you swim, easy not to drop and you can shoot from the grip.
  • iPhone quality is super clear underwater, clear photographs at manageable file sizes.
  •  It’s a case for everyone who enjoys the outdoors, not just pro photographers.  It’s super affordable unlike a DSLR housing we’re talking under 200 bucks folks.


  • I would also highly recommend purchasing the wide angle lens that screws on to the front of the case.  You can get some killer shots with it! You see, there’s magic in that lens. It converts the standard 24mm lens from the iPhone into an Ultrawide 16mm! When you are underwater this is the business. Wide angle allows a broader spectrum of light to reach your sensor. Allowing for better quality and more stunning photos as you can see from the plethora of shots on the AxisGO insta feed. @AxisGO to check it out
  • I would recommend the trigger as well.  It makes it comfortable to swim and shoot at the same time.  You can also be underwater and hold it up in the air for a quit eagles eye!
Shooting Stand Up Paddle for Wanderlust Fest.
Wide Angle AxisGO Goodness right here. All the light.. All the dolphins! Follow @AxisGO
Spring Break Poolside with my Girls
Working in some underwater shots during an engagement session!
Practice swim here stateside before Dave and Amanda’s wedding in Bali!

Visit their Website for more about the case. I am not a paid sponsor of the case. I simply love the product and hope you do too!

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