September 18, 2018

Shauna & John’s Happy Hideout Wedding

May and I pulled off of Highway 88 and made the right and turn that would take us two miles towards Shauna and John’s wedding. The magic that we would find on the other end of the roadwas like no other. But first things first.. gunning my 02 Eurovan up a massive hill so freaking steep it would put San Francisco’s finest slopes to shame. And then… we were there, chasing down a folk band, in a sea of axe throwing, lake lounging with the guests; giggling with mountain mamas radiating in their jewel toned gowns, sipping whiskey out of a shotgun barrel with some shady groomsmen, and getting high on the pine trees and crisp mountain air. I said it once and I may have said it a million more times that day; “Man o’ Man! I wish I could get married all over and have a party here like this!”

Highlights of this one were shooting Shauna and John at the private lake in front of their log cabin. I wanted the shot from the water so I walked my pregnant self right on into the lake chonies and all. Working with Katie Rebecca owner of Cotton & Oak Events who not only brought together so many of the beautiful details but also came with THE BEST and most fun attitude I have ever seen out of a wedding planner.

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