March 28, 2020

Breastfeeding & Pumping Essentials for New Moms

Hey Mamas. I’ve started gathering resources for moms and expectant mothers in the midst of this quarantine and Covid-19 crisis. I’m here to help support and field questions in this community. Recently I have shared a list of Breastfeeding essentials that I found to be awesome for our first child.

Best to grab these items before baby comes to have on hand and not have to stress about if they will be in stock or not. One less thing to think about at a time when our minds are occupied with so many other important things as this pandemic progresses.

Here it is with links.


Order a few different kinds of bottles to see what the baby likes.  Baby-list does a bottle box so you can get a bunch of different ones before you buy and see what babe likes:

Here is a link to the Babylist Bottle Box:

Here is a link to the Avent Bottles that Winter and all of her little homies liked (New Moms.. these bottles come in different flows 1-4 that have different holes as baby gets stronger!) Who knew!!! The numbers are hard to see and imprinted on the nips. Make sure to get 1s and 2s if you are starting baby on formula.

Drying Rack & OXO Bottle Brushes for cleaning. You will be doing a lot of this. Get used to it!



I liked these reusable bamboo nursing pads. I found that the disposable ones are uncomfortable and itchy.


Got mine from Nordstrom because I went in to get fitted in person. You won’t be able to do this for obvious reasons. So I would still buy from them because they have a nice return policy and just get lots of things to try what is comfortable. I would advise getting bigger sizes than you think. Your boobs are gonna get real big. Perhaps order a few sizes and return what doesn’t work so you can compare.

I own three primary standard style nursing bras one tan , one black, and one with wire and shape for “going out” the one I just linked is on sale and looks super similar to mine.

For an alternative I also loved this super not-sexy but comfortable kind for around the house and sleeping in.



Okay this Medela Freestyle portable was my main pump when I had to return my hospital pump. I used this thing to death. It’s all you need and you don’t have to be plugged into a wall! Rough said. If you can afford this pump. You should buy it.

I also owned the Willow but it is a bit pricier so it is not for everyone. Also I found the above Medela one to be the most comfortable suction of all of the pumps.

I am obsessed with this small hand pump as a quick alternative to keep the milk flowing or pump in bed when you don’t feel like using the electronic pumps:


Breastmilk Storage Bags. I also liked these kind because they lay flat and stack in the fridge. I also like the pour top on them. You’ll feel so good when you start stockpiling. It’s amazing to see your hard work before you in the fridge if you are lucky enough to have a successful go at pumping! Good luck!

Breast Soothies. I didn’t have these but they seem so nice! Going to give them a try this time around.


(I didn’t use until stage 3 I think because we did exclusively breast milk for 7 months or so before supplementing)

If you end up supplementing and using formula the stuff from the UK is way better than the US.  Less hormones etc.  We order this stuff but you have to get close to when you will use it for it to be fresh.  I know they were low on stock so just keep in mind for when you think you might want to switch.  I found this to be better than what they had even ay US Whole Foods. Normally it’s 2 weeks to ship… due to Covid it’s likely to be in high demand.  

Holle Baby formula (only can stay on shelf for 2 months so just order when you give birth:

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