May 30, 2019

Switching from Pixieset to Pic-Time

Why I moved over and haven’t looked back since.

Are you trying to figure out what online gallery service is best for your photography business? Whether you are just getting started with web-galleries or if you have been using a service for a long time but are wondering what else is out there, I have done the homework for you. As a long time subscriber to the platform Pixieset, I became curious if I had the best provider.  So let’s get to the brass tacks folks.  I have switched over from Pixieset to Pic-Time.  The transition was a breeze. And here are the reasons why I haven’t looked back!

At Pic-Time we believe the impact of your photography is strengthened by its presentation. Our goal is to help you share your work meaningfully and beautifully with your clients from start to end, online galleries to printed goods.

Pic-Time Encourages more online sales from clients.

The user facing store of Pic-Time is superior to that of Pixieset.  Once scrolling to the bottom of the gallery clients can easily see a visual representation of your work in the full line of beautiful printables that their partners provide. It just plain more compelling & fun to shop! Your client’s very own photos populate into a preview of the product that is for sale.

The store has everything from art prints to albums and calendars.  As a business you have options of what to provide to your clients in each gallery.  Setting up the store was a breeze to me and immediately I saw my sales increase. It works.

Uploading through Pic-Time is Super Fast & Efficient

I never had any issues uploading galleries through Pixieset and then I realized that just because something isn’t bad doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better.  Pic-time allows you to upload to multiple sections of your gallery at the same time (or in my eyes… through plain old magic).  Once you have your images sorted into categories on your computer you simply add all of the sections online at the same time and walk away.  A status bar remains at the top as galleries become ready within minutes and the hi res files continue to upload in the background.

Pic-Time lets you offer Coupon Codes to Drive Renewed Print Sales on Existing Work

Want to send your clients a discount code on their anniversary to increase print sales or say hello?  Pic-time has this built right into the backend.  Super easy and looks beautifully clean.  There is a marketing dashboard available and plenty of blog posts on their end to show you how to best use the coupons there.

The Custom Branding Options Beat Pixieset

Not only can you upload your logo to Picture, you can also customize the colors etc. so that all of the beautiful work you have done on your branding is cohesive with your storefront. With the added bonus of SEO features. Photographers can integrate their portfolio straight to their website and adjust the style from color to typeface.

Client Selection Process Is a Breeze

I love the way that you can sort of send “assignments” to the client to make selections.  I use this feature for fine retouching requests or to incorporate into albums.  They have a “workflow” tab which houses these sort of transactions. You can also send/download specific photos from this panel.

The Gallery Shares Can Grow

Reach further with Pic-Time and sell within the client’s community. Photographers can collect visitor emails for each gallery and share targeted coupons. Now everyone from bridesmaids to the grandparents can purchase their products straight from the photographer!

The Transfer Was Painless

You won’t lose your Galleries! Pic-time offers a gallery transfer service for $2 a gallery.  So it takes the edge off of the transfer process.  All you do is email them your credentials and the galleries you would like transferred. They sort the rest.

Really, I suggest you see for yourself. The trail is free and based on how much space you use so you can give it a full demo. Click here to use my code to sign up and you will receive one month free!

  1. Jen says:

    I currently use Pixieset but love several options with Pic Time and am considering switching (mainly the store options and products populating with client photos). The only thing holding me back from changing is that I sell a lot of mobile album apps (easy on Pixieset via clients favorites list). Have you found a way to navigate anything like this? I still want to offer mobile album apps 🙁

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